A Fresh Start for Spring Ridge Commons

Now is a great time to get involved with Spring Ridge Commons!

A fresh start for Spring Ridge Commons

An action-oriented public meeting coming up on April 28th, 2015 will provide opportunities to get involved with this historic and important space.

New volunteers are bringing a welcome infusion of energy and organization to Spring Ridge, and the upcoming meeting will kick off a new era for the Commons.

There is Strong Community Support.  However, the question remains:

How do we harness this community support and ensure a sustainable future for Spring Ridge Commons?


Turning Vision into Action  – Attend and Participate in helping to shape the future of Spring Ridge Commons:

A Fresh Start for Spring Ridge Commons

Date:  Tuesday, April 28 from 7-9 pm
Location:  Fernwood Community Center, 1240 Gladstone Ave.

Parking:  Victoria High School Parking Lot

Light refreshments and tea from the garden will be served.

All are welcome! Whether you just want to volunteer in the garden every once in a while or take on a more active role in shaping the future of Spring Ridge Commons, come to the meeting to connect with others who care about the Commons and share how you would like  to be involved.


Background Information:

Spring Ridge Commons, located on Chambers St. between Gladstone and Pembroke, is the oldest community food forest and permaculture garden on Vancouver Island, and one of the oldest in North America. It is widely regarded as an invaluable community resource, but maintaining it as a beautiful, safe, and open space for all to use and enjoy has proved challenging at times.

Last September, more than 60 people showed up at a public forum convened by Fernwood NRG to share their views about recent happenings at Spring Ridge Commons, and visions for the future.    For more info on the Spring Ridge Commons Public Meeting :  [Click Here]

That meeting was overwhelmingly positive and constructive. In spite of a recent lapse in volunteer-driven maintenance, the vast majority of participants voiced their support and respect for the garden as a community resource where anyone can spend time, harvest food, learn about sustainable ecological practices, and connect to the living earth.

A group of community members including farmers, teachers, land stewards, and neighbours has come together to answer the above question and plan for the future of the Commons, based on the feedback gathered at the September meeting.

They are now are inviting anyone with energy to contribute to the long-term health and viability of Spring Ridge Commons — be it in the form of weeding, fundraising, permaculture design, or volunteer management — to come to the meeting on April 28 to help turn that vision into action. All are welcome to attend, even if you are not yet sure how you want to help.

Content of this post:

Edie Iron’s article “A Fresh Start for Spring Ridge Commons”  in Village Vibe, April 2015

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