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On September 18th, Renee wrote:

I have been considering this Spring Ridge Common’s post since it landed on my page yesterday. I read the article and was distracted by the fabulous effort that went into the magazine layout and contents. Glitzy method of on-line delivery. I do not know anything about the Village Vibe and it’s relationship to Fernwood’s NGO. Getting past that distraction and checking in to my connection with this garden. In 2011/12 a member of the community putting tremendous effort into this garden invited me to do a casual walk about and a consult of the garden. The intention of their request was focused upon communication and ways to engage that could help with differences of opinion. By having this conversation in the garden itself I couldn’t help but do a reading of the landscape. People proved my point by walking through the garden using it as a sidewalk to get from one point to another. It seemed it was a a short cut and as we gathered in the garden, we became the inconvenient obstacle to go around. What I witnessed was effort and a struggle for commitment to do the physical labor that it takes to take personal ownership and steward the landscape. What I heard was relationships got in the way through opinions, perspectives and individual belief systems. A project that could pull a community into a deepened connection was dividing it. Not because I love them and have been an advocate as at the time this purpose had not manifested yet, what I envisioned: What I saw in the garden was need for a layout that would draw you in to connect as a community first. Something beautiful in the landscape and more importantly something that created a sense of being beautiful and sharing a beautiful experience together before working together. Something like a labyrinth or spiral in the center that could be walked before meetings to move ego out of the way, ground and center before working together. The objective, to share a contemplative experience before connecting to make decisions. Eliminating the short cut experience through the garden and becoming a multi-purpose connector. This pathway could also be used for healing the past differences and it would invite the surrounding community to use this adding to the community experience and engaging them to participate differently.

On September 18th, Renee wrote:

As I re-read my post I am wondering if a shift of the garden’s self image could shift consciousness and support your own vision. For example permaculture could be the foundation intention and a teachable opportunity in a schedule of events, yet expanding the vision to include……….may be the diversity that would bring in more contributors. Something like the shift in activism we are now witnessing – shifting to heart centered connection. From fighting the cause to becoming connected.

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