Pruning Sightlines at Spring Ridge Commons and Managing Water on Site

If you’ve been by Spring Ridge Commons lately, you know there is lots of growth in the garden!

Pruning Sightlines at Spring Ridge Commons:


We need a big turnout on Sunday, May 31st from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to prune, trim, and chop some of the overgrowth to make sure the Commons is clean, safe, and inviting for all. Please bring gloves and pruning shears, clippers, or your favorite cutting tool.

Note that this work party will happen later than the usual Bee in the Garden.

Strategies for Managing Water on the Site:  

Afterwards on Sunday, May 31st from 5-6pm, there will be a meeting in the Commons to discuss strategies for managing water on the site. Anyone with interest and/or expertise is welcome to attend. We need a plan to produce and/or conserve water, dispense it efficiently, and reduce the need for hand watering. And we’ll make some short-term plans about what and how to water in the coming weeks and months.

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