Spring Ridge Commons – Garden Ceremony

garden ceremony

Please join in a garden ceremony at Spring Ridge Commons on Friday, August 14th at 10 a.m  You are encouraged to bring an object to place on the alter that would represent the quality that you envision in the Commons. For example fun:   a small rocking horse, sound: a flute, connection: a heart object, community: a picture of people gathering, helpful people: picture of people working in the garden and more…….

Please arrive in the garden around 9:45 a.m. . We will use sage to smudge each participant in the garden ceremony as they arrive in the Commons.

An alter will be created with candle, bowl of water with herbs from the garden, a Quan Yin and Buddha Statute, a living plant, stones of meaning, incense and sage.

♥ We will call in Spirit – A heart connection with spirit with prayer statement and declaration of intention that is a request. A clear statement of what is being asked for. Clarity and direct honesty. What is asked for and understood clearly is all that can be provided. For the highest good of all is added.

Cedar Branches and sound will be used for clearing. The Cedar Branches are for sweeping from the back of the garden towards the front entrance. Starting in the furthest corner working towards the front. A drum or a chiming bell will be used to assist in this clearing.

Once the space is cleared with the cedar branches and second go through of the garden following the same pathway with whatever we decide to fill the space up with. This would be the sweet grass of traditional ceremony. We invite someone to play a flute together with someone else holding a bowl with Kinikinic burning in it.

At this point , we give thanks to Spirit – Giving thanks to spirit and expressing gratitude directly and honestly in a way that proclaims it is done. It has already happened.


Spring Ridge Commons is located at the corner of Gladstone Avenue and Chambers Street.  Parking is available in the Victoria High School Parking lot across from the Fernwood Community Centre on Gladstone Avenue.

Spring Ridge Commons – Garden Ceremony Event Page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1631207893827551/

More Details on the Garden Ceremony:

*   Renee Lindstrom will be facilitating the Garden Ceremony;

*   Frank Smoke will be smudging participants with sage as they arrive in the Commons;

*   Pauline Karch will assist in the clearing by playing her drum; and

*   John Lyon will play his native american flute once the space is cleared and there is a second go through the garden.

Garden Ceremony Pictures:

Garden ceremony 1 Garden Ceremony 2 Garden Ceremony 3


Picture # 1:  Renee Lindstrom setting up the altar for the Garden Ceremony at Spring Ridge Commons with assistance from Linda Chan.

Picture # 2:  Frank Smoke preparing to light the sage smudge.

Picture # 3:  In preparation for Ceremonial smudging in the Commons….

Renee Lindstrom Reflections on Spring Ridge Commons during Summer 2015

Pathway Project with Renee Lindstrom

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