Anonymous Perspective on Spring Ridge Commons

  •   How do you use Spring Ridge Commons?

Being part of the community that hangs out at Spring Ridge Commons,  in particular “Bee in the Garden” on Sunday afternoons where Sean creates an awesome tea with a lot of good stuff in it is a lot of fun!

  • What does Spring Ridge Commons bring to you?

Spring Ridge Commons is an open, creative , positive environment  where people are sharing.  Spring Ridge Commons is a beautiful garden where people can  relax and be away from traffic and the busyness and stresses of life .

This is a community space where people are creating something very personal and working towards a shared purpose.  People are at liberty to lead or to follow and you get guidance or instruction or not as you please.  In this garden, people are learning how to cooperate with one another vs. trying to catch up or to achieve something.  Quite often, in society it’s a win / lose situation however, in this garden, it’s generally a win/win outcome and this is promising and hopeful.

  • What are your concerns about Spring Ridge Commons?

There is concern that there might not be enough people to maintain Spring Ridge Commons and that this would not be sustainable.   People seem very caught up in day-to-day living – paying the rent, household chores, etc. and don’t appear to have time to think about gardens.

There needs to be  skill and wisdom to manage this community space.  The actions taken could have  positive or negative consequences – Someone really skilled and experienced will save maintenance work and the Commons will proceed in a very positive + inspiring way whereas someone lacking in skills and experience could increase the amount of labor needed on this site and set this garden back considerably.

  • What would be lost if it were not here?

Gardens are very important  and worth preserving for future generations  – People need a place in nature where they can sit awhile and simply enjoy the peace and tranquility that it offers.

  • Imagine five years into the future. In your ideal future, what would be the same and what would be different about Spring Ridge Commons?

If you keep up-to-date on current affairs and read a lot on the effects of global warming ….In the world today, parks and other community green spaces are disappearing so it would be a miracle if Spring Ridge Commons remains a well-cared for managed garden. Hopefully,  there will be  people who will manage the Commons wisely and the trees, plants and the space itself will be well-taken care of.  Spring Ridge Commons as a garden where the community can learn something.   This garden is also a community space where people can relax and unwind from the stresses of their life.

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  1. Amy Z says:

    Thank you so much for your contribution in helping students come to an understanding of the Commons! Amy

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