Lee Herrin

On September 3rd, Lotus posted on Facebook:

Response from Lee Herrin:

Hi Lotus,

Sorry it took me a while to respond. I was on vacation for the last two weeks of August.

Thanks for your thoughts. I was surprised myself at how far the neighbours went when they worked on the site back in July. However, to say the site has been desecrated is going too far, in my opinion. The large structural elements of the landscape are still in place, and now the important plants themselves are visible and getting an opportunity to grow instead of being choked by grass and weeds. Much of what has been cut back will regrow in time.

Ed is working there continuously and has a vision that may not be shared by all, but the reality is he is putting in a great deal of work on the site, which those who were supposedly maintaining the site were not doing at all.

There will be a public meeting at the Fernwood Community Centre in September (please see the Village Vibe for details). The purpose is to hear a broad range of opinion about the site and to come to a viable plan for the long term future of the site. I would invite you to come and express your views, and also to hear the views of the neighbours who live immediately adjacent to the site, and who are aware of what’s going on there at all times of the day and night. At this point, those I have spoken to are much happier with how the site is being used, as it is welcoming to young and old and a safe place for everyone, which it was definitely not in July.

Also, if you see me in the neighbourhood, please let’s have a chat about it.

Your photos are lovely, by the way. You really have captured some of the beauty of the site.



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