Mayor Lisa Helps’ Perspective on Spring Ridge Commons

Transcription of  the short video  – in the Mayor’s Office – September 4, 2015

Link to you-tube video:

The City of Victoria is doing a pilot project with community garden grants***, $6,000 per neighbourhood to appoint a Volunteer Coordinator for each garden so part of the problem that had been identified is that nobody is coordinating volunteers and that will help to address the challenge at Spring Ridge Commons.

Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group has been granted $3,000 for the year to do the co-ordination of volunteers.

The Commons is right around the corner from my house and I love it.  It has grown over time and one of the things that I ask when we are walking at night is “Can we go through the Commons?” It feels safe and welcoming and it has been a well-maintained community resource and on that note, there are no plans to pave over the Commons or building housing on it or anything like that.

One of the things that we are working on as a Council is enhancing food systems and this space is really an important food system.  It would be stewarding the Commons for the long term.

*** Community Garden Volunteer Grant provides$36,000 of eligible funding to neighbourhoods to support the volunteer coordination for food producing gardens that fall within the Community Garden Policy. This fund is to pay a person to coordinate volunteers working on gardens that  produce food in public places. A maximum of $6,000^^ will be awarded per neighbourhood. Only community centres and neighbourhood associations are eligible to apply for this funding.



Community Garden Volunteer Coordination Grants  Process:

July 23rd City of Victoria Council Meeting:   

The purpose of this motion is to approve Community Garden Volunteer Coordination Grants

Community Garden Volunteer Grants Motion.PDF

Community Garden Volunteer Coordinator Applications.pdf

^^ In Fernwood, $3,000 was granted to the Fernwood Community Association and $3000 was granted to the Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group.

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