Health Professional and Fernwood Resident Perspective on Spring Ridge Commons

* How do you use Spring Ridge Commons? 

I love to walk through there and identify the native plants you have there.  I love seeing all the wild foods, herbs and plants all together.

* What does Spring Ridge Commons bring to you? 

It highlights and shows all the amazing native plants that are part of the indigenous food system and the bounty of foods we have available to us.  It shows that gardens can be sources of foods but in a less colonial way.

* What would be lost if it were not here? 

Access to local foods and plants

* What are your concerns about Spring Ridge Commons?  

We need more of them.

* Imagine five years into the future. In your ideal future, what would be the same and what would be different about Spring Ridge Commons? 

Spring Ridge Commons would franchise and have smaller urban forests around Victoria.


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