Judah Malone and Thomas Buhman’s Perspective on Spring Ridge Commons

Judah Malone and Thomas Buhman enjoy being at Spring Ridge Commons and particularly love playing their guitars in the Commons and jamming together.  At Bee in the Garden on October 11th,  they joined us for tea and conversation and we also enjoyed their music.

Bee in the Garden 7  Thomas playing his guitar


How do you use Spring Ridge Commons?

Judah: I use Spring Ridge Commons as a sanctuary where I can come and have a conversation with someone, play music, and be with lovely, like-minded people. All of us are here are looking for a common thing, a place to have a conversation, a coffee, and maybe pick some delicious herbs.

Thomas: A sanctuary – that’s it.  A place to bring my mom when she is in town — She’s from Kelowna because it is a retreat from the hub-bub, ruckus brutal world, industry, commerce.

What does Spring Ridge Commons bring to you?

Thomas: Lots of plants and herbs, that’s for sure. It has some really awesome tea. Well done!

Judah: Through the people who gather here, indigenous (native) plants and exotic plants. I find it affirming the indigenous species which are otherwise seen as invasive.

What would be lost if it were not here?

Judah: This sanctuary would be lost and this is something that I would not enjoy by any means. I do much appreciate all the things previously mentioned – the indigenous plants and all the people who come to gather here . Without Spring Ridge Commons we’d have to find another garden but the beautiful thing about the Commons is that there isn’t any other community garden quite like the commons around. Not like this – there are others that are similar but they don’t have the same community that Spring Ridge Commons brings to the table. The people or the benches. It’s unique. I’ve gone around Victoria quite a bit and looking for a new place to rest my bones for a little bit and play some music and somehow always find myself back here.

Thomas: Peace of Mind. It would be like taking less heart and more brain to the city. We need both.

What are your concerns about Spring Ridge Commons?

Thomas:  Scared that it won’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever – I would like it to stay for as long as possible. It’s way nicer than having an apartment complex or grocery store. It brings way more to the table when you have it. It brings a lot of happiness to people’s lives by being here. It’s not the same as having some piece of structured building – We have plenty of those – there all over. This is special. This is what’s now. This is what’s happening.

Judah: If the space were in jeopardy by developers- That would concern me tooth and nail But as far as other concerns – like riff raff – It’s paradise the way it is now. It’s turned into a sanctuary way more that it was before. It can be dangerous – Spring Ridge Commons is now safer than before. There was always a chance that the local hooligans could cause mayhem. Recently, I personally haven’t experienced such a disruption and its ever so lovely.

Imagine five years into the future. In your ideal future, what would be the same and what would be different about Spring Ridge Commons?

Judah: I would love to have the Commons expand as much as possible. Mainly would like to see the garden flourishing as well as locals in the community aid all of the current Spring Ridge Commons workers in continuing to keep this sanctuary a safe and sustained.

Thomas: The steward of Commons will grow and multiply – Civic duty in which people will take on and participate in – inspire more people to take up a sense stewardship as a civic duty. Living up to a formidable food forest ….Spring Ridge Commons becoming a model for other communities..

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