Seasonal Arts & Crafts Morning for Women  +   A Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts for Spring Ridge Commons

Saturday, November 28th, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Paul Phillips Hall + Little Fernwood Gallery,  

Fernwood Community Association Building, 1923 Fernwood Rd


 Seasonal Arts & Crafts Morning for Women:

A Seasonal Arts and Crafts Morning for Women has been organized in the Paul Phillips Hall.  An opportunity to have fun, learn and support our community urban food forest at the same time!



​For this Seasonal Arts and Crafts morning, there will be a variety of arts and crafts supplies available for you to use and there will be also crafters on hand to get you started on different projects.  Possible projects include:  decorating star dough ornaments, folding origami santas and window stars, creating your own gift cards, boxes, wrapping paper or gift tags.

Cost will be $15 to $20 per person (sliding scale).   Please contact Linda at 250-380-6383 or to register.Only 10 people can be accommodated so register asap!


Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts for Spring Ridge Commons:

Spring Ridge Commons is a community urban food forest in Victoria, which has been in existence for over 15 years. This permaculture garden, located on the corner of Gladstone Ave and Chambers St. in Fernwood, is needing our help.

To this end, there will be a Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts in the adjoining Little Fernwood Gallery on Sat. morning. Some of the offerings included will be:

–   Lithographs by Lou Hammond

–   Art cards by Alison MacKinnon

–  Salt dough ornaments by Anne Hoban

–  Origami Gift Cards by Linda Chan

–  Needle felting creations by Linda Chan

–  Window stars by Linda Chan

–  Diaper babies by Highgate Lodge Craft Club

–  Origami instructional  books by various authors


100% proceeds of both the Seasonal Arts and Crafts Morning for Women and the Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts for Spring Ridge Commons  will go directly toward supporting Spring Ridge Commons in its on-site efforts for the month of December.

Directions:  The Little Fernwood Gallery and Paul Phillips Hall are located at 1923 Fernwood Rd in the Fernwood Community Association Building, which is the building beside the Cornerstone Cafe.

Parking is available in the Victoria High School Parking Lot across from the Fernwood Community Centre on Gladstone Avenue.

About Spring Ridge Commons is Canada`s oldest public food forest and Victoria’s largest public permaculture garden or community multi-layer food forest , located on a 1/2 acre city lot in  Fernwood at the corner of Chambers and Gladstone.  This premier site for small scale urban permaculture has been visited by over 20,000 people over the last 15+ years of being a living laboratory for food, medicine and functional plants.  Spring Ridge Commons serves as a source of free food, a learning environment,  a community space and most importantly a place of  beauty, nature and solitude.   Please visit: for more information.

Beautiful green spaces have become almost obsolete in Victoria – – we need places to wander on paths – through the flowers and the edibles – to nibble a berry and to feel ourselves moving in a flow between two streets . . . thank you Spring Ridge for being there and being there and staying there – for the bees and the trees and us 2 leggeds also. Ann Jacob  – Spring Ridge Commons Facebook Comment  Sept 12, 2015

Spring Ridge Commons is  a shining example of what every neighbourhood could and in our opinion should strive for.    A forest of food available for anyone in the community to eat and share space together, learn and play.

In today’s changing world there are a rather large growing number of reasons to protect and replicate these spaces, learning and adjusting as we go.

Many thanks to all involved and to those who have and continue to support the commons with a great amount of time and energy. The food forest you steward was a big portion of the spark that inspired the creation of Edible Living Landscapes.— Josh Wagler, Nick Poeta and Marc Demontigny, Edible Living Landscapes  – Spring Ridge Commons Facebook Comment Sept 30, 2015

I want to point out that what we have with Spring Ridge Commons is not only something what many cities would literally drool over, are trying to figure out how to do, it is one of the boldest examples, ahead of its time, I know of anywhere in the entire region.  It is really a special space in those regards.Mike Simpson, Permaculture Design Teacher – Spring Ridge Commons Public Meeting Sept 2014

I have loved Spring Ridge Commons for years and was glad to introduce the gardens to my son over the last two summers-he ran around, down the paths, over the small slopes the entire time, stopping only to smell the flowers:) The existence of such a garden is key to a modern community in my opinion-it motivates, inspires and teaches people how to do this in their own small, and larger spaces. It also creates a natural gathering space in a increasingly urban world.   —  Anna Parkes, Facebook Posting in Victoria Permaculture,  Nov 23, 2015

Seasonal Arts & Crafts Morning for Women:


Arts and Crafts 1  Arts and crafts 2

We had a very fun morning in craft making…..


Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts for Spring Ridge Commons


Arts and Crafts 3 Our sign outside Little Fernwood Gallery  (unfortunate no one came in to see what we had to offer in our Arts and Crafts Fundraiser)


Arts and Crafts 16

Beautiful Arts Cards by Alison MacKinnon for $5.00 each

Arts and Crafts 17

Colourful Window Stars by Linda Chan for $2.00 each and 3 for $5.00 


Arts and Crafts 18

Origami Santas by Linda Chan for $1.00 each

Arts and Crafts 19 Arts and Crafts 20

Christmas Gifts tags for $.50 each


Arts and Crafts 21

Gift Envelopes by Anne Hoban and women in our Seasonal Arts and Crafts Morning for $1.00 each.


Arts and Crafts 22

Diaper Babies by Highgate Lodge Craft Club for $4.00 each


Arts and Crafts 25

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments by Anne Hoban for $10.00 each

Arts and Crafts 15Arts and Crafts 14 Arts and Crafts 13 Arts and Crafts 11 Arts and Crafts 10 Arts and Crafts 9 Arts and crafts 8 Arts and Crafts 7 Arts and Crafts 5 Arts and Crafts 4

Lithographs by Lou Hammond – Suggested Donation – $10 Minimum

  •  Fundraising efforts for Seasonal Arts and Crafts Morning and Sales of Arts and Crafts totalled $190.00
  •  Much gratitude to the following individual and groups for their contributions to our fundraising efforts:

* Fernwood Community Association for free use of Paul Phillips Hall + tables and   chairs

* Pandora Arts Collective for free use of Little Fernwood Gallery and for allowing us to set up our Arts and Crafts Fundraiser in their space.

* Anne Hoban for providing some of the supplies for the Seasonal Arts and Crafts Morning,  being on hand to lead and assist women in the crafting project and for donating her lovely salt dough tree ornaments and gifts envelopes to our fundraiser.

* Linda Chan for organizing this fundraiser, for providing some of the supplies and food and tea for the Seasonal Arts and Crafts Morning, for set up of the Arts and Craft Sales,  for donating her origami santas and colourful window stars to our fundraiser.

* Pat Miller for her work in helping to plan and promoting our fundraisers (during our Church of Truth Service Announcements + with others), supporting us by being at our fun Seasonal Arts and Crafts Fundraisers and providing car-pooling from James Bay on the day, being very generous in purchasing some of our Arts and Crafts.

* Maureen Dickson for volunteering her time at our fundraiser – helping out where needed – washing tea cups, preparing tea, helping with set up for the Arts and Crafts Morning and Sale.

*  Alison MacKinnon for donating her beautiful arts cards to our fundraiser.

* Lou Hammond for donation her lovely lithographs to our fundraiser

* Highgate Lodge Craft Club for their donation of Diaper Babies plus other craft items to our fundraiser and to Spring Ridge Commons and for their support of our fundraiser via a pop-up sale of Arts and Crafts.

* Zendoodling Class at Monterey Centre for their support in our fundraiser via a pop-up sale of Arts and Crafts.

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