Sale of Christmas Crafts at YYJingle

Beautiful salt dough ornaments made by Anne Hoban are available for sale at YYJingle on 1113 Langley St. 50% of the proceeds will support Spring Ridge Commons and 50% will go to a student-run gift shop staffed and managed by students from an innovative local high school. the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.

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YYJingle is a student run gift-shop located in the heart of bustling downtown Victoria on 1113 Langley St.   With a large selection of local and handcrafted holiday themed gifts, there is sure to be something for everyone on your list. In addition to being staffed and managed by students from an innovative local high school. the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry, the shop also features many pieces created by students, providing further educational activities for the students and great deals for you!

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Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry is  Victoria’s newest high school (Grades 9 to 12), offering a truly personalized education located on Fort Street.  Through a formal inquiry process, learners at PSII (we pronounce it “sigh”) develop interdisciplinary pathways that lead to projects and other learning activities to take them through a curriculum all their own, while also meeting or exceeding BC graduation requirements.

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Spring Ridge Commons Fundraiser:  

Spring Ridge Commons is a community urban food forest in Victoria, which has been in existence for over 15 years. This permaculture garden, located on the corner of Gladstone Ave and Chambers St. in Fernwood, is needing our help.

The proceeds received  will go directly toward supporting Spring Ridge Commons in its on-site efforts for the month of December.

This fundraiser is an initiative by the Spring Ridge Commons Arts Collective, a new group formed by current and former stewards of  Spring Ridge Commons, Mikael Jahmal, Sean Newton and Linda Chan.   We seeks to be an inclusive community celebrating the arts in all forms.

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