Recent Photos of Spring Ridge Commons

Photo of Spring Ridge Commons in May


new arch        Sedum Garden

Rain Garden 1       Rain Garden 3

Photo Credits:  Linda Chan

Photos of Spring Ridge Commons in April 

Garry Oak Meadow 1

Mulberry Tree     Desert King Figs    Mallow

                                                           Photo Credits:  Stephanie Enevoldsen

March 28th – Easter Monday in the Commons – Enjoy the tulips!

flower 1Flower 2Flower 3Flower 4

Photo credits – Linda Chan

Friday, March 27th – Good Friday

UVic Community Garden Visit

Photo credits – Stephanie Enevoldsen

March 20th Photos of Plants and Trees  in the Commons

S1 - Comfrey S2 - Pacific Ninebark S3 - Oregon Grape, Osoberry S4 - Glory of the Snow S5 - Borage S6- Willow S7 - Corkscrew Hazel S8 - Senecio greyii S9 - Miner's Lettuce S10- Euphorbia S11- Dead Nettle S13-Red Flowering Currant S14-Peach Blossoms S15 - Shooting star

Photo Credits:  Stephanie Enevoldsen

Spring Ridge Commons Collage – January 14, 2016

SRC Collage Photo Credits:  Renee Lindstrom  


Photos of Spring Ridge Commons on January 1, 2016 :

NYD Photo 1 NYD Photo 2 NYD Photo 3 NYD Photo 4 NYD Photo 5 NYD Photo 6 NYD Photo 7 NYD Photo 8 NYD Photo 9 NYD Photo 10 NYD Photo 11 NYD Photo 12 NYD Photo 13 NYD Photo 14 NYD Photo 15 PNYD Photo 16 NYD Photo 17 NYD Photo 18 NYD Photo 19 NYD Photo 20

Photo Credits:  Mikael Jahmal

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