Reuben Garbanzo (aka Bobby Arbess)

Spring Ridge Commons, is a school district property in the heart of the Fernwood Neighbourhood, in Victoria. It is the site of the city’s last standing one-room wooden schoolhouse that was demolished in the sixties and sat as a derelict gravel lot for thirty years. Through a series of leases between community groups and the school board, it has been developed as a communal permaculture garden, an urban oasis of fruit trees and other food and medicinal plants, where people are welcome to glean the harvest of apples, plums, medlars, cherries, mulberries, goumi berries and herbs. It could also be an excellent resource for teachers looking for a hands-on opportunity for stewardship connection for the kids, within a vibrant city greenspace, that belongs to the school district.

Source:  Posted on the Facebook page for BC voters supporting BC teachers and public education on October 11, 2014

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