Big Trellis Structure + Map of Garden

Martin Pratt *     What the hell happened to the big trellis structure by the centre of the commons and the nice sign that was on it with the map of the garden?   (on July 13)

SRC Trellis Structure + Large Sign



Dan Miller *   Are they gone?  (on July 14 at 8:26 am)

Nick Poeta *    Whaat?  (on July 14 at 8:49 am)

Dan Miller    It may be time for somone or someone’s to do some community volunteer work at Springridge. Perhaps the sign will turn up in someone’s bedroom.. (on July 14 at 10:50 am) 

Martin Pratt    I just talked to a woman at the Fernwood Community Centre and left my phone number for them to get back to me. Apparently the carnage went down on Friday by HIRED help doing “garbage removal”. (on July 14 at 11:09 am) · 

Martin Pratt      I’m still pissed off about it. It’s my garden more than it is Fernwood NRG’s.  (on July 14 at 11:11 am) ·

Bill Amaresh *   Probably complaint driven by neighbours… they never were that supportive. Things seem to have gone downhill since Linda Chan’s * enthusiasm left…opening the door to sanitization by the establishment. (on July 14 at 1:23 pm) · 

Nick Poeta    I got the full story from the local neighbourhood. While I agree it was not done properly per se. It was taken on by residents who have had enough of the recent increased drug use and dangerous people there. People trying to sell crack and telling parents their kids aren’t welcome. This is a much deeper problem than what was done. And actions need to be taken to ensure the future of this site. Anger will only create more problems among people who ultimately want the same thing. (on July 14 at 1:26 pm)· 

Martin Pratt    Yes Lisa Helps * said neighbors were behind this push (on July 14 at 1:25 pm) 

Martin Pratt   Of course I enjoyed seeing children enjoying the commons too (on July 14 at 1:33 pm) 

Dan Miller    Rightly, Linda Chan pointed out to me sometime back that the Commons serves many positive purposes to the community, and not simply as a food forest. I could see in the recent the culmination of problems that occurred of recent. Kids love the place, people hang out there just to be and talk with a friend. Some folks walk through just to enjoy the beauty. Even if as yet it does not generate a lot of food it has a plethora propagation material. Some may not see the great potential it has. Any community asset requires the binding force of interpersonal trust and involvement to succeed and yield a benefit for the community as a whole. (on July 14 at 7:55 pm) ·

Paul Monfette *   It seems to me that what is needed since Linda is not in a position of organizing positive input from people is someone to do that…. for people to show up. be there in a work capacity, a bee in the garden capacity, a caring and a sharing of this Garden space with one another. When there is a vacuum it can be filled with negative energy (on July 14 at 10:43 pm) ·

Paul Monfette     Who knows what actions would be good to happen there at this time?/ Watering??? (on July 14 at 10:44 pm) 

Martin Pratt   That sounds good. Sundays are usually not a great time for me as I tend to be doing other stuff then. It is a good time to ask the neighbor guy if we can still use his water from the roof of the shed though (on July 14 at 11:01 pm) ·

Bill Amaresh     The key is to get the neighbourhood involved and on side. Migrant workers from James Bay, etc. will just burn out! And as long as the site is still viewed as a vacant lot with an interim use- it diminishes one’s enthusiasm. (on July 15 at 8:33 am)

Brent Howard *    Would you folks care to join me in a work bee this Saturday 1:30-3:30 instead of this 3rd Sunday (my son’s BDay party ?)  (on July 15 at 10:18 pm)

Martin Pratt     I was thinking of a meeting to discuss potential future actions and organizational sustainability for the commons onsite at 5 pm on Wednesday next week. Sharing our concerns for and visions for the garden. This would include a walk around of the site and perhaps be followed by a potluck and music jam (on July 15 at 10:26 pm) ·

Brent Howard  I was shocked and saddened that the gazebo was taken down as well. I understand the neighbours were and are concerned but taking down the gazebo was and is a sacred symbol of the commons and should not have been taken down as it was. To me that was vandalism and the property was stolen. Again I understand the neighbours concerns but what happened there was not the right thing to do (on July 15 at 10:27 pm)

Sean Newton *   It turns out the neighbors and or NRG hired a guy to clean it all out , mainly because the grass was seen as a fire hazard. Some of the fruit trees have been damaged , an apple tree (by the the gladstone entrance with the sign), as well as some of the berry bushes (on July 15 at 10:28 pm) 

Brent Howard   I’m not sure the NRG was involved Sean but I cannot confirm that. I understand that it was the neighbours decisions.. Thanks for the meeting proposal Martin would Thursday work instead. I like your idea of a meeting very much!!  (on July 15 at 10:32 pm)·

Martin Pratt    Phone the director guy of the FCC/NRG on Monday to express your dismay (/outrage?). Of course a hired garbage hauler type guy with no history with the garden is not going to show the needed sensitivity (on July 15 at 10:35 pm) 

Brent Howard   I was dismayed to see so many roughly pruned fruit tree branches with fruit still on them, and the raspberries were cut inches from the ground.. No raspberries for next year.. (on July 15 at 10:39 pm)

Martin Pratt   I’m already thinking of a design for a new gazebo (on July 15 at 10:39 pm) 

Sean Newton   I talked to the guy that was doing the work today he said he had permission from the NRG, so I’m thinking he was hired by the neighbours and had permission from the NRG. I was pretty annoyed by the damage to the fruit trees but he said he was just pulling out the grass and that someone else must have been responsible for that (on July 15 at 10:40 pm) 

Martin Pratt    I think a lot of stuff was pruned/cut on Friday (on July 15 at 10:41 pm)

Sean Newton   Anne watered today (on July 15 at 10:42 pm)

Martin Pratt   The raspberries? That’s a really terrible crime. I knew I couldn’t bear to go see it in daylight. (on July 15 at 10:43 pm) 

Brent Howard   I sent an email to all the board members of Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons and I liked Javan’s * response very much. That this may be a blessing in disguise. (on July 15 at 10:45 pm)

Sean Newton    yes the rasberries (on July 15 at 10:45 pm) 

Sean Newton and branches of sea buckthorn loaded with fruit, apples strewn across the ground (on July 15 at 10:48 pm) 

Martin Pratt clearly worse in my view compared to the damage done by homeless people over the last year. (on July 15 at 10:51 pm) 

Sean Newton   We’ve been here before this is what happened two years ago and how I got involved in the first place, I feel really bad that I haven’t been able to be as active lately as I would like (on July 15 at 10:51 pm)

Brent Howard    Javan goes on to say: “The neighbours need to feel like the forest provides for them as much as everyone else that uses the site. Perhaps with the density of the forest, demographics and neighbour concerns SRC needs to reflect what the needs of the area residents, lease holder and users are without compromising security.” Beautifully stated words I must say and well worth finding out for the well-being and continuation of the Commons in a hopeful way.. (on July 15 at 10:53 pm)

 Martin Pratt   I happened to be sleeping over at Occupy Victoria when what felt like a concerted one-two punch of the crackheads followed by the city workers to take out the camp. I really don’t want something like that to happen to the Spring Ridge Commons.(on July 15 at 10:55 pm) 

Sean Newton    Well we’ve been working on that but there is no way to regulate who comes into the park, and we a have to find a balance that works for everyone, we just have to make more effort to be present.The main reason for the destruction, from what I gather, is the perceived fire hazard. (on July 15 at 11:00 pm) 

Brent Howard    Well I will skip my plans for Wed then. I’m in for Wed.. (on July 15 at 11:03 pm)

Sean Newton   I can be there (on July 15 at 11:04 pm) 

Bill Amaresh     More likely the destruction wasn’t for fire but crime- Vic Police are very big on promoting crime prevention through landscaping. (on July 15 at 11:44 pm)

Paul Monfette   Wed. at what time??// (on July 17 at 11:29 pm)

Sean Newton     Martin Pratt said 5 pm next Wednesday.I told a fellow named Ash about it at Spring Ridge while watering so I’ll be there. (on July 17 at 11:46 pm) 

Brent Howard     Work party at 1:30-3:30 today at SRC!    Spread the news please everyone! Thanks Hope to see you there. (on July 19 at 11:52 am) 

Sean Newton    I’ll be there around 2:00 pm (on July 19 at 12:02 pm) ·

Zanzara K. Fortune * OK, Brent Howard. Now I see what may have happened. We have been very busy too which I guess translates into neglect on our part however it boggles the mind that there has to be a meeting at City Hall for the Fernwood Urban Village to get their  project underway with permits and yet neighbours can just arbitrarily choose this course. Interesting to say the least!   Javan Kerby Bernakevitch appears to be more non-reactive and has some good input. Thank you to Linda Chan for all that she has done and the rest of you Sean Newton, Anne Hoban *, Nick Poeta, Will Fortune *. We have had some good times there and made some great friends. Will is at Shaw until 6 tonight.  (July 23 at 10:51 am) 

* Martin Pratt is a very dedicated long-time steward of Spring Ridge Commons.  He has volunteered in this capacity for over ten years.

* Dan Miller is a local gardener /permaculturalist.  He was a steward and work party leader at Spring Ridge Commons (2010 to 2011) with Transition Victoria Food Group and also did work in the kitchen garden  + herb garden (2010 to 2011)  at the James Bay Community Project

* Nick Poeta  is the co-owner of  Integrated Living Landscapes and Development Manager for Growing Young Farmers Society.   In June 2014, Nick and Josh Wagler co-led a 2 day permabliz at Spring Ridge Commons – Spring Ridge Commons Spring Spruce Up.

* Bill Amaresh Wilson was  a steward of Spring Ridge Common (2010 to 2011) with Transition Victoria Food Group.  He was also a founding member of James Bay Sustainability Commons and a steward of a kitchen garden  + herb garden at the James Bay Community Project  (2010 to 2013).  He also was the caretaker at the Saltspring Centre of  Yoga  (Dates unknown).

* Linda Chan  was the primary steward of Spring Ridge Commons (2010 to 2012), co-faciliated the Transition Victoria Food Group (2010 to 2012) and is a  Director (2013 to …) and Past President (2012)  of Friends of Spring Ridge Commons.  She was also a founding member of James Bay Sustainability Commons and a steward of a kitchen garden  + herb garden at the James Bay Community Project  (2010 to 2012).  She also co-coordinated Oneness Wednesdays   a free or by donation Wednesday evening meditation/reflective program (2008 to 2012) and  VIVA-Raw (2007 to June 2013) a group dedicated to the education and promotion of a healthy, raw, unprocessed plant based diet.

* Lisa Helps is a  City Councillor for the City of Victoria.  She also served as Fernwood NRG Board Chair and Executive Director of Victoria Community Micro Lending Society

 * Paul Monfette was  a steward of Spring Ridge Common (2010 to 2011) with Transition Victoria Food Group.  He was also a steward of a kitchen garden  + herb garden at the James Bay Community Project  (2010 to 2013).   He currently co-coordinates  Oneness Wednesdays   a free or by donation Wednesday evening meditation/reflective program (2014 to  ….)

*  Brent Howard is owner and operator of Garden Roots Landscape .  He is the President of Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons (2013 to ….) and Vice-President (2012) and held monthly work parties at Spring Ridge Commons (April 2012 to Dec 2013).

*  Sean Newton was the primary steward of Spring Ridge Commons in 2013.  He works as a freelance artist and has painted a number of murals and telephone poles in Fernwood.  He has worked as a gardener and grounds keeper at the “Fernwood Urban Village“, for “Garden Roots Landscaping”  and in a community composting project withPedal to Petal. He helped start the “Bee in the Garden”  weekly tea gatherings at Spring Ridge Commons from 2012 -2013.

 * Javan K. Bernakevitch is the owner and operator of Permaculture BC.   He is a Director of Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons (2012 to …) and taught Permaculture Design courses and co-ordinated other workshops with hands-on experience at Spring Ridge Commons (2011 to 2014).  He also coordinated fundraising events “An Evening with Richard Walker (one of Canada’s most experienced Food Forester)”  with proceeds going to Spring Ridge Commons (2011 to 2014)

* Zanzara K. Fortune is an artist, photographer and videographer.  Zanzara was a regular attendee to “Bee in the Garden” and was a main contributor to the Collaborative Mural which was located in the centre of  Spring Ridge Commons behind the large map.  She also created some beautiful painted rocks which one can find in the garden.

* Anne Hoban is a visual artist and is currently working on a project:  Salt and Ashes, an animated film.  She volunteered by regularly watering the plants at Spring Ridge Common  (since May 2013)

*  Will Fortune is a Troubadour and composer of music for the chakras. This music is intended to awaken the body’s subtle energy system.  At Spring Ridge Commons, at the weekly “Bee in the Garden”,  Will would entertain us all with his wonderful keyboard playing.  Will also volunteers with ICTVGrowing Young Farmers Society and on June 20 2014 (Solstice), he wrote and recorded the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature Theme Song “Dance Upon the Earth

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