July 23rd Meeting to Discuss the Future of Spring Ridge Commons

On July 23, 2014,  Martin Pratt * organized a meeting at 5 p.m. near the centre of Spring Ridge Commons, where the gazebo/trellis used to be.

Questions posed before the meeting on Event Page for this Meeting:

  • What is your vision for the Spring Ridge Commons?
  • How can we work together so that the needs of multiple (sometimes conflicting?) purposes and people: users, caretakers and nearby residents, get met for the commons?
  • Is there already a governance structure for the commons (friends of SRC email list)?
  • How will we keep this vibrant food forest going?
  • How can we set up the communication network(s) to share about what is going on at the commons and what we want to do/have happen there?

Brent Howard’s * report on this meeting:  Lee * came out to the meeting as well as neighbours and we had a very “fruitful”meeting with a report from Lee that he will contribute an article to the Village Vibe and a meeting in September to gather a Commons of opinions to put together a united vision which is exactly what the Commons needs so as to work for the Common good for all! Am so happy about all this!!! :-)))


* Martin Pratt is a very dedicated long-time steward of Spring Ridge Commons.  He has volunteered in this capacity for over ten years.

*  Brent Howard is owner and operator of Garden Roots Landscape .  He is the President of Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons (2013 to ….) and Vice-President (2012) and held monthly work parties at Spring Ridge Commons (April 2012 to July 2014).

*  Lee Herrin is the Executive Director of the Fernwood NRG .  He is the go-to-person for any matters relating to Spring Ridge Commons.

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