Public Meeting

Great turnout of people (approximately 100) who care about Spring Ridge Common  at Fernwood Community Centre on September 24th, 2014.

Spring Ridge Commons Public Meeting

Listening to people’s sincere ideas on how to make it sustainable.   No conclusions were drawn and several people added they were interested in directly helping.

Photo by Tony Sprackett

 Video of Spring Ridge Commons Public Meeting:

Four minute YouTube Video:

YouTube Video of the entire Spring Ridge Commons Public Meeting (1:27:21):

YouTube Video by Brent Howard


Spring Ridge Commons Public Meeting Notes


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Lead-up to Public Meeting:

Thought Leap 7

It’s not too late for life.  And its flourishing depends on democracy attuned to all we now know of our nature and to what history teaches:  that centralized power cannot lead to the sustained good of the whole.  Plus, today’s crises are so interrelated, vast in scope, and complex that solutions depend on tapping the direct experience, common sense, and passion of people most affected.  And that’s billions of us!  With the buy-in that comes with having a real voice, most of us want to contribute to solutions that turn our planet toward life.  So the “mother of all issues” is removing the power of concentrated wealth from public decision making and infusing citizens’ voices instead.  It’s beginning in surprising places.

— Frances Moore Lappe in “Eco-Mind – Changing  the Way We Think, to Create The World We Want”

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