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Spring Ridge Commons  is Canada`s oldest public food forest and Victoria’s largest public permaculture garden or community multi-layer food forest , located on a 1/2 acre city lot in Fernwood at the corner of Chambers and Gladstone. (Location Address is 1200 Gladstone Avenue. )

Photo:  August 2015

This premier site for small scale urban permaculture has been visited by over 20,000 people over the last 15+ years of being a living laboratory for food, medicine and functional plants. Spring Ridge Commons serves as a source of free food, a learning environment, a community space and most importantly a place of beauty, nature and solitude.

As a community urban food forest /  permaculture garden, Spring Ridge Commons has progressed tremendously from its days as a gravel site:

Current situation:   The Commons is needing lots of  TLC at this time and on-site effort  is needed to tidy up several area of the Commons and begin dealing with some major on-site challenges (couch grass and other invasive plants).  We would also like to make more progress in the north east section of the Commons by completing the community mural and by beautifying and designing the area by the mural.

While much work has already be done in the Commons, more work is needing to be done …..While at times, we have groups (Victoria Green Team, UVic Geography Class  UVic Summer Camp kids, George Jay Students) which are great because a lot of awesome work gets done,   we need more people to volunteer at our weekly Bee in the Garden  (although we do get a lot of people joining us for tea and conversation) and/ or at other times.

Current Financial Situation:  Water used on site is paid for by the Fernwood NRG;   Leaf mulch and wood chips are dropped by from time to time by the City of Victoria Parks (+Others).  The Commons does not have funds for other things, supplies, etc.  so volunteers have had to pay for things out of their own pocket, request donations of items (i.e. hose, $ for signage for Garry Oak Meadow + Native Plant Garden), and receive donation of items and services (i.e.  a beautiful driftwood bench appeared in the Commons, wheel barrow, consultations).


More info about Spring Ridge Commons:


Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/springridge.commons?fref=ts


Donations to the garden would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to drop off a donation to Bee in the Garden on Sunday afternoons from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

With Gratitude,

Linda Chan
Coordinator, Spring Ridge Commons

Updates #1 on August 29th:

Spring Ridge Commons – Community Go Fund Me Campaign is now at $480.00. Gratitude to the people who donated to Spring Ridge Commons – Currently it is going towards paying Sean Newton (11 hrs ) and Mikael Jahmal (8 hrs) for their awesome work in the Commons.


Up against the fence on the north east of the Commons the area is now ready for kale and winter veggies. Mikael with Sean’s assistance has been working hard at cutting down and clearing all Oregon grape that is up against the fence, some leaf mulch is placed in this bed and some wood sticks laid by the fence to prevent Oregon grape from migrating across the fence.


Sean has been working on cleaning up and prepping the area by the cistern for the painting of the Community Mural and this area is now ready plus there is an area also for planting some winter vegetables. Mikael and Sean have also painted the cistern and concrete fence by north east entrance to Commons a nice rusty red color.



Garden waste from the previous year and also from the current year is being processed on site – A layer of leaf mulch is assisting in this process. In this picture, Sean is seeding it with buckwheat.  We will later consider planting this mound with herbs and veggies.


SRC-FM8     SRC-FM12


Update #2 on Sept 6th:

Go Fund Me Campaign currently at $494.55 with expenditure at $369.81 and a balance of $97.34.
Much gratitude to our donors/supporters.

Most recently, these funds have gone towards purchase of 11 work gloves (M), washing / drying work gloves at a local laundromat + paying Sean Newton for 4 hours work in the Commons.

Sean chopped off the dead branches of the Elderberry Tree in the East Section of the Commons. The dead branches will remain on site and be chopped up/ processed along with the other garden waste on-site.


Work was also done in sprucing up the Bee Garden. Sean helped with weeding, mulching and planting of more buckwheat in the bee garden and also trellised a couple of plants plus moved some plants from the herb spiral to this garden.


SRC-FM11      SRC FM13

Update #3 on Sept 19th:

Go Fund Me Campaign currently at $564.55 with expenditure at $538.34 and a balance of $26.21.   Much gratitude to our donors/supporters.

Funds have gone towards paying Sean Newton for 3 hours work in the Commons, weeding the Bee Garden, painting a mandala which will later be installed on the side of the tool storage box at a later time, and  moving the dead branches from the cut down elderberry tree from the cistern area to another area of the Commons for on-site garden waste processing.


Funds have also gone towards paying Mikael Jahmal for 6 hours painting of all the wooden benches in the Commons (3 coats +  1 clear coat) plus moving what was left from the central area patio installations.



Update # 4 on November 25, 2015

Go Fund Me Campaign currently at $864.55 with expenditure at $638.34 and a balance of $226.21. Much gratitude to our donors/supporters.

$100 of funds have gone towards paying Sean Newton for work done in processing garden debris, cutting down a tree and painting of the community mural.

SRC-FM15Processing on-site

Community Mural 1

Update # 6 on February 13, 2016

Go Fund Me Campaign currently at $1237.55 with expenditure at $946.98 and a balance of $290.57    Much gratitude to our donors/supporters.

Recent expenditures consisted of payments to the following people for work at Spring Ridge Commons: Marek Losinski ($140.00) Mikael Jahmal ($100.00)
Brent Howard ($100.00) Sean Newton ($45.00) and laundering of Glove ($10)

Crack in the Armour  Sheet-mulching in the southwest section of Spring Ridge Commons and the placement of boulders to create a rock border.

North East Section of Commons1  Swapping out of stone wall for driftwood logs

pampass Grass  Chopping up and moving of the pampas grass


Dec-6-Work-Party-with-Brent-Howard-5-225x300      Leading  a couple of work parties in the Commons and doing work along the perimeters of Gladstone Avenue

Nettles patch De-grassing nettles patch