Soul Expression and the Arts – Spring Ridge Commons


The following is my revised script that I presented at Sunday Service at the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spring Ridge Commons is a garden that I’ve coordinated from Oct 10, 2010 to December 2012 and from October 2014 to present day.  I also serve as a Primary Steward for the Garden together with Sean Newton.

Spring Ridge Commons  is a very unique garden with over 50 trees ( including desert king figs, goumi, medlar to dansom plum) plus native, bee-friendly, veggie and herb plants. Everyone is free to pick the berries, veggies and herbs and are encouraged to consider others when they harvest!   It’s also a place where everyone can gather and enjoy being in nature (watch the birds and the bees) within a city scape. – It’s on a 1/2 acre city lot in Fernwood on the corner of Gladstone Avenue and Chambers Street.  Location address of Spring Ridge Commons  is 1200 Gladstone Avenue.

SRC FM4       Bee in the Garden 7

On site at Spring Ridge Commons,  this is a community green space which offers a multitude of possibilities in the way of arts.  Musicians gather to jam together and / or play by themselves.

Artistic creations are scattered throughout the Commons from Crack in the Armour (a beautiful sculpture  made of inlaid stones), beautifully crafted benches made by Daniel /  Timber Wolf  from wood that was ethically harvested (the one shown below was repainted with colorful flowers and leaves), a telephone pole with  a deer and an eagle painted on it, a lovely driftwood bench which came to Commons one day earlier this summer and was later artistically and colorfully painted .

SRC Art 3               SRC Art 2

SRC 8d        SRC - Aug 2015

Most recently, the landscape of the Commons  has become an artistic expression.  In Renee Lindstrom’s and my endeavour to slow people down and take them on another pathway through the garden, an artistic expression of a tree was created – the boulders to block the main pathway represents the trunk, the vegetable garden represent the roots and the native plant garden represent the foliage of the tree.
SRC Art 4

More expressions through arts will be happening soon in the Commons:  Syama who organizes Bhakti Nights here at the Church of Truth, plans to hold a kirtan one afternoon at Spring Ridge Commons;   There will be a few people painting a community mural by the cistern in the Commons and other artistic expressions in this garden are very possible in the future.

There is a  Spring Ridge Commons Community GoFundMe Campaign which I start on my birthday and which now has raised $351 toward the $2000 goal which I set for this garden.  The monies that people contribute to this garden will support this community urban food forest / permaculture garden and bring art and creativity to the Commons.

To learn more about Spring Ridge Commons, please visit and if you are inspired to donate to this garden, your contributions would be very much appreciated.  Details: and


CHURCH OF TRUTH (+ FRIENDS)  GET – TOGETHER / POTLUCK AT SPRING RIDGE COMMONS – Saturday, September 12th starting at 4 p.m.
Food Sharing at 6 p.m

Join us for a Get Together  / Community Potluck at Spring Ridge Commons, Victoria’s community urban food forest located at the corner of Chambers Street and Gladstone Avenue in Fernwood.   There will be a short tour of the garden,  we will gather in a circle to brainstorm + share;  there will be opportunities for a sing-a-long and/ or musical jam.  Please bring food / dish to share with others,  a plate, cutlery, a folding chair and musical instruments.

Please add your name to the list.  Email  or phone Linda at or phone 250-380-6383

It’s wonderful to be in community in nature.