Beautiful Central Area Community Gathering Space

In mid August 2015, Chris Brotsis (pictured below with Linda) had approached Linda about redoing the central area brick work.  He had mentioned something about volunteering to do a lot of the work himself, sourcing the materials for it (paving stones + gravel) plus getting the assistance of an experienced stone mason as well as the help of other people.  In late August 2015, Chris told Linda that he had sourced the materials and was checking to confirm that it was OK to get started as well as to give us, the stewards of the garden a heads up that this work would be starting soon.

Work commenced at Bee in the Garden on Sept 6th with Chris spending a few hours  removing the bricks and mulch + sand and prepping this area for paving stones which were being brought to the Commons the next day.

SRC-CMA2 Here I am with Chris Brotsis – Originally a peace symbol was envisioned for the centre of the patio


SRC-CMA3 Jose, the stone mason working on the patio


SRC-CMA4  Chris and Jose working on the heart in the centre of the patio with a group of community members gathered around it in support and in collaboration with the work being done.


SRC-CMA5 Completed patio

The beautiful patio with heart in the centre was greeted with ceremony by the group working together on this.  A pink painted rock by Zanzara found in the herb spiral also adorns the heart.  The bricks that created the heart structure and some of the paving block surrounding the heart were from the original brick work that was done by Brent a few years ago.


Royal Road University International Business Student at Spring Commons working on their Case Study “Spring Ridge Commons” which helps them think  critically and creatively about sustainability issues,  including issues of urban agriculture, how space is used within communities, and what different people consider a good use of community space.



Mike Simpson, Permaculture Design Teacher teaching his Mason Street City Farm Urban Permaculture class  at Spring Ridge Commons.


Celebrating with some community chalk art – …..Thoughts are that we play with chalk on the paving stone until something appears that we want to paint in the paving stones – becoming a mosaic of colours and positive vibes……


Area before the beautiful patio was done, the benches painted and the driftwood structure erected.