The Community Mural Project


SRC-MURAL1  Day 1 painting of the Community Mural 


Progression of the Community Mural Project by the Spring Ridge Commons Arts Collective:

SRC Mural       Community MuralCommunity Mural 1Mural - Baby Bear

Community Mural 2 Community Mural 3 Community Mural 4

In this mural, we work collaboratively with others to beautify our community space while projecting our vision of the Commons beyond this garden.

Spring Ridge Commons Art Collective seeks to be an inclusive community celebrating  the arts in all forms.


Area before the Community Mural:

SRC-FM3     ….. where garden debris was dumped 


Work done in this area before and during the mural painting:



bee in the garden 1SRC-FM16 - Copy

on site processing of garden debris and painting of cistern and concrete fence.



north east area by the mural sheet-mulched with cardboard and wood chips 

SRC Project 1  Cistern 3Cistern 2Cistern 1

Painting of  brick fence and cistern   



North East Section of Commons

Cistern moved and hole where cistern sat filled with leaf mulch