Spring Ridge Commons Arts Collective (SRCAC)


Spring Ridge Commons Art Collective seeks to be an inclusive community celebrating the arts in all forms. It is a new group initiated in November 2015 by Mikael Jahmal, Sean Newton and Linda Chan who are current stewards of the garden.

Current and past projects or initiatives of SRCAC at Spring Ridge Commons include the Herb Spiral, Restoration of Bee Garden, Crack in the Armour Statue, Painted Telephone Pole,  Central Gathering Area, Painted Wood Benches, Restoration of Garry Oak Meadow and Native Plant Gardens, Rain Garden, Tool Storage / Wheelbarrow storage + Cardboard Storage bins, The Community Mural Project, Seasonal Arts & Crafts Morning for Women  + A Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts for Spring Ridge Commons and Bee in the Garden.

Herb spiral: 

Herb spiral

More info on the creation of the herb spiral:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?page_id=754

Restoration of Bee Garden:

Bee Garden1    Final 4


Crack in the Armor Statute:

Crack in the armour statute 2

More info:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?page_id=1213


Painted Telephone Pole:

Painted Telephone Pole

More info:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?page_id=795

Central Gathering Area:

Central Gathering Area

More info:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?page_id=1723

Painted Wood Benches:

SRC-FM17 SRC-FM18 - Copy SRC-FM19 - Copy

The Community Mural Project:

Community Mural 1

More info:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?page_id=2073

Garry Oak Meadow Restoration:

Garry Oak Meadow 1

Native Plant Garden Restoration:

Restoration of Native Plant Garden

 Sedum Garden:

Sedum Garden

Love’s Heart:

Love's Heart

Tool / Wheel Barrow / Cardboard Storage:

Tool bin   Wheel barrow storage binCard board storage bin

Rain Gardens and Terraces:

Rain Garden 1 Rain Garden 2 Rain Garden 3 Rain Garden 4

Rain Garden 3

Seasonal Arts & Crafts Morning for Women  +   A Fundraising Sale of Arts & Crafts for Spring Ridge Commons:

Arts and Crafts 1     P_20151123_101041

More info:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?p=2041

Bee in the Garden:  

Sean serving tea to Avro at Bee in the Garden - CopyRichard weeding

More info:  http://springridge.rd123.ca/?p=894