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Place Making is a quiet movement that reimagines public spaces as the heart of every community, in every city. It’s a transformative approach that inspires people to create and improve their public places. Placemaking strengthens the connection between people and the places they share.

At Spring Ridge Commons, here are/were examples of place-making:

Graffitti Painted Wall   (September 2011):

Graffitti on Wall

The graffitti painted wall beside the water cistern in the northeast corner of the commons has a textured quality which is bright, vibrant and colourful.

The graffitti painted wall and cistern have been painted over and are awaiting a community mural.

Painted Informational Signs  (2012):

spring_ridge_common please respect food forest signGrow


Culinary Herb

These beautiful signs were created by Chloe Dubois, On-line Resource Developer of LifeCycles Urban Agriculture Hub.
These beautiful signs will be touched up or redesigned in 2015 (ie.  the Culinary Herb sign will read Herb Spiral since there is now medicinal herbs along side culinary herbs in this herb spiral)

Painted Telephone Pole (Summer / Fall 2012) :

Sean's Painted Polebeaver polePainted Pole

This telephone pole, now located in the southwest section of the Commons was painted  by Sean Newton during the Fernwood Pole Painting Project and was originally located somewhere along Chambers Street.  BC Telephone had to replace this pole and  part of this pole was left on the side of the road.  This pole was  rolled down Chambers St. to Spring Ridge Commons. Project Leader for Installation of this pole:  Mikael Jamal with funding by the Fernwood NRG.   Unfortunately the installation of the pole required that the beavers be buried.  Sean later painted a deer and an eagle on this pole.


Bee in the Garden  (On-going from Sept 2012 to Dec 2013):

Bee in the Garden

                                                      Photo by Tony Sprackett

An inspiration of Sean Newton, “Bee in the Garden” became a fun weekly tradition that took place every Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Sean came bearing hot water, tea cups and a few extra pair of work gloves (for those wanting a hands-on-gardening experience) and would forage a few moments in the Commons and return with a bounty of freshly picked herbs (i.e. mint, rosemary, lavender) which he would brew up in a beautiful clay pot.  Will Fortune would entertain us all with his wonderful keyboard playing and his wife Zanzara sometimes worked on the collaborative mural.  Passersby meandered through the Commons – some joined us for tea and conversation while others politely declined.

The big trellis structure in the picture was destroyed in July 2014.  We are hoping that this area can be beautified and something erected that will work in this space  in Spring and Summer 2015.

Sean Newton and Linda Chan have resumed Bee in The Garden.  For current Bee in the Garden, please click (here)

Painted Rocks    (November 2012):

painted rock 2painted rock 1

Enjoy looking at the beautiful painted Rocks at Spring Ridge Commons lovingly created and photographed by Zanzara K. Fortune

Some of these painted rocks still exist.  Others have found new homes elsewhere.

Crack in the Armour Sculpture Installation  (November 2012):

A beautiful sculpture made of inlaid stone was donated to Spring Ridge Commons.

Cracks in the Armour totem

Crack in the Armour Installation



On Saturday, March 19th, 2011 at the Fernwood NRG Visioning Event,  Libby Seabrook met John Cowan, the creator of a beautiful sculpture and he was keen to have the sculpture at Spring Ridge Commons.   A few of us, Harmony Sunshine, Linda Chan and Dan Miller had seen the it and agreed that this would be a wonderful addition to Spring Ridge Commons.  Dan Miller had even chosen a spot at Spring Ridge Commons.  The sculpture is beautiful yet simple, made of inlaid stone.  John had made this some years ago.  The sculpture is called “Cracks in the Armour”.  It deals with the concept that people encase themselves in a protective shield to spare themselves from the difficult emotions and experiences of life.  At some point, our separation can become so rigid that it must crack open to allow us to once again engage with the difficult and joyous emotions possible for all human beings.

The Crack in the Armour totem was brought to the Commons in Summer 2012 by Mikael Jamal and Friends and secured with Rebar and Post Haste Cement on November 12th, 2012 ….. Project Manager for this installation was Brent Howard.  Funding for this installation by Fernwood NRG.

New Benches at Spring Ridge Commons   (November 2012):

Created by Daniel Ouimet of Chantecler Woodcraft for Spring Ridge Commons with funding secured by LifeCycles. Wood donated by Chantecler Woodcraft was used to create diverse benches – just like the people in the community.  Special thanks to Daniel Ouimet, Kimberly Ouimet and Sean Newton who installed the benches and Victoria High School Tech Department who applied 2 coats of exterior stain.

Benches 4 Benches 3 Bench 2 bench 1

Everything was bolted down in cement for safety.  The wood was ethically harvested using local species and some were reclaimed and re-purposed.  The small bench was made of Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir. The curved bench and the small bench had a natural exterior oil for protection.   The curved bench was made of Garry Oak.

Some of these benches have disappeared.  Others have been repainted and while others have been graffittied on and are needing TLC.

Collaborative Mural in the Commons (July 2013):
Collaborative Art in the Commons1

This collaborative mural was painted on the back of the large information / map which was  located in the centre of the Commons and is now destroyed.  The large information / map is now by the composter on site.

Creative expressions by Zanzara Fortune, Sean Newton,  Amma Joye and others.

Painted Boulder    (Sept 2014):

Painted Boulder 1 Painted Boulder 2

Creativity at play in the Commons…..there is a cool newly painted boulder at Spring Ridge Commons. Enjoy and add to this if you like.

Guerrilla Garden  (Sept 2014):

Guerrilla Garden

Guerrilla Gardening at Spring Ridge Commons (along Chambers by Stelly St. entrance to Spring Ridge Commons)…..weeding/sheet mulching with newspaper and organic garden soil, movement of existing plants and addition of new plants.



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