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Operation Bumblebee With SocialCoast, LifeCycles, & Hutchings Bee Service  (June + July 2012):

The bees are in trouble! Bee populations on Vancouver Island and around North America are collapsing. There are ways to help them. It starts in our own backyards  (literally).

One of every three bites of food we eat comes from bee-pollinated plants: peaches, blueberries, strawberries, melons, citrus fruits, apples, broccoli, squash, cucumbers–you name it. Bees are the most common pollinator and are vital to the health of our planet. There are over 1000 native species of bees in Canada alone

Saving Bees

Creating BEE CORRIDORS on city blocks in our community –  Join your neighbours in
dedicating a small or large piece of your boulevard to the bees.

Did you know:  70% of native bees build their nests  underground.
There are over 450 varieties of native bees in BC and the Yukon.
The greatest challenge facing native bee populations is habitat destruction.

Review of Operation Bumblebee:  Through the months of June and July, SocialCoast worked with Spring Ridge Commons and LifeCycles to raise awareness around local bee habitat and their importance in maintaining a healthy environment.

Gord Hutchins, our local bee expert and a professor up at UVic, was kind enough to give us an amazing presentation about native bees and how their struggles, though less known, are more urgent than the honey bees. The presentation was followed by a screening of the film “Queen of the Sun”, which was a great hit and together with Gord’s presentation created some meaningful discussion afterwards.


New Bee Garden         Creation of New Bee Garden – Seed Bombs with Willow + Cedar Fencing

A couple weeks later, SocialCoast hosted a work party/100 mile potluck at Spring Ridge Commons. This was an amazing opportunity to get the community out celebrating the garden, bees and great local food! We painted some plant identification signs, planted a few new food plants and created a new bee friendly garden. All in all, it was a great time and we recommend that everyone go and check out Spring Ridge Commons and what they are doing it truly is an amazing asset to the community.


National Tree Day Celebration at Spring Ridge Commons with the City of Victoria Parks, Recreation and Culture  (Sept 2012):

Tree Canada

National Tree Day will serve as a celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the great benefits that trees provide us – clean air, wildlife habitat, reducing energy demand and connecting with nature.

National Tree Day Planting

                                                            VicNews Photo

Review of National Tree Day Celebration:  In the north area of the Commons are two pear and one apple tree planted in celebration of National Tree Day by Mayor Dean Fortin, kids from Springridge Early Childhood Centre, Fernwood Child Care Centre and from George Jay Elementary School in addition to Craig and Stephanie of the City of Victoria Parks, Recreation and Culture.  City of Victoria Park staff shared information about the benefits of trees.  There was story telling and sing-a-long with Doug Paterson of the Harmonious Family Choir:  Songs about planting and growing, watering and weeding, Finger miming plays with rhyming poems plus a story titled “The Apple Star” about an apple tree and star within the apple.  Complimentary refreshments were provided by the City of Victoria Parks, Recreation and Culture.

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