Individual Stewardship Activity

In theory anyone can engage in stewardship activities at any time because the site is both open to the public to use and open to the public to physically manipulate (e.g. through planting, pruning, creating garden beds).

The ability to interact with the Spring Ridge Commons in this way, and even through the act of harvesting from the site, is one of the features that differentiates Spring Ridge from other public spaces such as city parks. Evidence of such  interactions range from trees and annuals that have been planted to art installations, to harvested fruits.

Interestingly, the open nature of the site may entail that those stewarding the space are unaware of each other except through the evidence they leave.


*  Source:   April Mallett‘s  research study on how young people are participating in the Commons as part of her Thesis  towards an MA in Child and Youth Care at UVic. (2012)



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