Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons

Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons Board of Directors were:
* Brent Howard, President
* Josh Wagler, Secretary
* Brian Cockburn, Treasurer
* Linda Chan, Director
* Javan K. Bernakevitch, Director

“Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons” became a society under the BC Societies Act on July 6, 2012 for the following  purposes:

a.  To preserve and protect the Spring Ridge Common(s) as a community open space that is freely accessible to the neighbourhood and the larger community.
b.  To ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the Common(s) as a community site, open to all by providing opportunities for people to experience community through shared management of the commons and hands-on knowledge sharing about permaculture design techniques and ecologically sound food growing practices.
c.  To provide a cultivated wild habitat in which birds, bees and other insects can thrive.
d.  To promote permaculture as well as other organic agricultural practices on the site.
e.  To preserve and protect fruit/production trees, shrubs, herbs and perennials that are free to harvest by all.
The by-laws of the society are those set out in Schedule B to the Society Act.

Applicants for Incorporation:
* Tony Sprackett
* Neil Williams
* Linda Chan
* Joanne Murray
* Bill McKechnie

* Rainey Hopewell

Mailing address for Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons is:

Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons
c/o Compost Education Centre
1216 North Park Street Victoria, BC V8T 1C9


Email address for Friends of the Spring Ridge Commons is:

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