Wild Edibles

chickweed  Miner's Lettucestinging nettle 1Blessed Milk Thistle

Our urban settings offer an abundance of wild edibles just waiting to be scooped by by anyone who knows where–and when — to look.  Wild edibles can include fruits, mushrooms, greens, and flowers, are free for the taking and are often more nutritious than many store bought fruits and vegetables.  We can look to plant like stinging nettle, dandelion and yarrow for our oils and proteins.

Wild foods have an important role to play in local food security:  They are often resilient and drought tolerant, can flourish in marginal soils, do not require inputs of human labor and commonly possess very high concentrations of important vitamins and minerals.  Learning proper identification and respectful harvesting techniques is essential.  If you have the knowledge, food or medicine is there for the picking.

* Spring Ridge offers an abundance of earth medicine in the form of chickweed, clover, cat’s ear, dandelion, mint, cleavers, miner’s lettuce, milk thistle, and cress—please harvest responsibly and treat yourself to an incredible wild greens salad! I encourage anyone who is interested in wildcrafting to purchase the book Edible Wild Greens: From Dirt to Plate by John Kallas. This is a great introductory book that even includes recipes!


* Source: Commons Corner:  Wild Salad Greens:  http://fernwoodnrg.ca/wild-salad-greens/   

Additional Resources:

Ken Steele`s article `Herbs and Wild Edible Plants` in the James Bay Beacon  (Sept 2011)



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