Sharing Stories

Sharing stories is an opportunity to find out how  people have spent their time at Spring Ridge Commons – What their experiences/observations were and what they value about this space.  If you have a story you would like to share about your experiences/observations at Spring Ridge Commons and/or what you value about this space, please feel free to post this on Spring Ridge Commons Facebook page or email

Enjoy the following stories and observations:

Leslie Robinson shares her experience at Spring Ridge Commons  – July 2011

UVic Environmental Studies, ES 341 Ecological Restoration student share their observations of Bee in the Garden – January 27, 2013…..

Geoff Johnson shares a story about Dick – early stages of this garden’s development.

 Linda Chan share stories about Mikael Jahmal – August 2011 to September 2012

Carolyn Masson tells us about Feast Day of Saint Brigid at Spring Ridge Commons on February 2, 2004

Sam from the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project shares his observations of Spring Ridge Commons on May 26, 2011

JoAnn Zinzolin share a story “The Great Escape…..” on June 26, 2012

Linda Chan shares “A Meeting of Minds” in Summer 2012

Linda Chan shares “The Making of the Beautiful Stone Patio” on Sept 8, 2015

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