Geoff Johnson shares a story about Dick

There was this guy named Dick who lived in a suite underneath the Chinese Canadian folk just to the East of the site.  He was living in the basement suite and he had a degree in psychology but had never come into contact with any of this food justice stuff and I saw him out there drinking his gin and tonic one day and just sort of stroking his chin and we ended up chatting and he’s just like ‘cool’ like ‘right on’ and he ended up being, for about 2 years while he lived there, the guy who made sure stuff got watered and it was his first gardening he’d ever done but he saw the people who came there and I guess because of his background in psychology, it was really interesting for him to have Spring Ridge Commons as a space.  And he really enjoyed watching people interact  with it.  He also went up there and asked rowdy teenagers who were vandalling stuff to move on once in a while.  He became a steward of the site in his own way and it was sort of an overnight thing.

Source:     April Mallett’s  Thesis on how young people are participating in the Commons as part of her research towards an MA in Child and Youth Care at UVic. (2012), p. 73

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