Linda Chan shares “A Meeting of Minds” in Summer 2012

During the Fernwood Pole Painting Project Event on May 26, 2012, Sean Newton (He’s the freelance artist who has painted a number of murals and telephone poles in Fernwood) created a painted pole with a  beaver and two cubs plus a couple of woodpeckers on it.

Sean's Painted Pole beaver-pole

This pole was located on the corner of Caledonia St. and Chambers St.  Unfortunately this pole got hit by a car and it resulted in this pole being taken down and a new one installed by BC Telephone.  On the day that BC Telephone came to do this work, Linda Jenkins who lives across from Spring Ridge Commons had asked the BC Tel repair person to leave the bottom half of the pole (we had found this out later) since she felt this would be a great addition to Spring Ridge Commons.

When Mikael and I were working in the Commons that day, someone came by the Commons to let us know that the bottom half of the pole with the painted beavers and woodpeckers that Sean had painted was on the sidewalk.   So the three of us walked a couple of blocks to retrieve it and we rolled the totem down the middle of Chambers St. to Spring Ridge Commons.  Lee Herrin, making a rare appearance in the Commons and seeing that the painted totem arrived safely at Spring Ridge Commons commissioned Mikael on the spot to install the totem somewhere in Spring Ridge Commons and said that the Fernwood NRG would pay for the installation.

Painted Pole

This telephone pole is now located in the southwest section of the Commons.   Unfortunately the installation of the pole required that the beavers be buried for safety reasons.  Sean later painted a deer, woodpecker and an eagle on this pole.

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