Autumn Olive

* The Autumn Olive shrub at Spring Ridge Commons is located in the South section of Spring Ridge Commons.  I went to visit it recently and found it laden with just a few berries.  At Banfield Commons, which I visited a few weeks ago,  there were lots of berries on the autumn olive branches.  I met someone who was picking the berries to produce a jam which he said was super easy to make – wash the berries, put it in pan, boil it up and then put the mash through a strainer to eliminate the seeds.  The berry’s astringent taste will disappear.   I did as he said and what resulted was a nice sweet tart compote much like rhubarb.

autumn olive berry           Autumn-Olive

*  Skill sharing by Linda Chan, (November 2014)

Additional Skill sharing:

Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) — November Nutrition on Wild Edge Permaculture   —Exploring the Flavours of Food Forestry in the Pacific Northwest  (November 2013)

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